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Private Pilot License

according to EASA Part-FCL

The PPL(A) authorizes its holder to perform non-commercial flights, aka as “hobbylicense”. This enables you to fly a SEP Single Engine Piston land aircraft under VFR (Visual Flight Rules) conditions. It’s also a good base for further steps in aviation (ATPL or single modules).


without previous flying experience: In case you are an absolute beginner, you will be trained by our experienced airline pilots from zero on. Despite our high level training standard, you will learn to fly an airplane (safely) having lots of fun!


with previous flying experience: You can also join or PPL(A) course as a holder of SPL, LAPL or PPL(H) – your previous flight hours will be credited according EASA FCL allowance.


  • Minimum age: 17 at license issuing date (end of your training course)

  • Medical Class II (Aviation Medical Certification Class 2) 

  • List of Aeromedical Examiner (pdf)

  • Clearance certificate (up to date) („Strafregisterauszug“) 

  • Valid passport

  • Other personal documents (birth certificate, proof of citizenship, residence registration form, 2 ID pictures)



& Costs

The costs include

Not included


  • administration fee | student support according standard period

  • classroom and online theory training

  • Training material theory:
    Books and handouts, navigation calculator digital, software for exam preparation, navigation tools

  • Training material for flights:
    maps and charts for VFR, Jeppesen approach charts, flight logbook, kneeboard

  • Flying lessons (according minimum requirements plus all skill test) on simulator, aircraft rent incl. fuel costs

  • ALL approach-/landing fees and air traffic control fees

  • Insurance for students, aircraft and simulators  

  • Flight instructor costs: classroom and online theory training, all flight lessons on aircraft and simulators

  • briefing- and debriefing with flight instructor

  • Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate for Aeronautical Service

  • Language Proficiency Test (check of your English language skills)

  • skill test with flight examiner for single-engine aircraft PPL | SEP VFR 

  • Medical examination costs BEFORE course start 

  • All theory exam and license issue fees to be paid to the authority

  • without previous flying experience: on request

  • with previous flying experience: due to large differences in previous flying experience, prices differ. For your individual offer, please send us your license, medical, RTC, your flightlog, TT-/PIC-times via our contact form. 

Kontakt PPL

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further documents
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