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ATPL (A) integrated

Airline Transport Pilot License

Airline pilot license according to EASA Part-FCL

The offered ATPL (A) integrated training course leads to the issuing of a CPL/IR ME (including radio telephony certificate, Language Proficiency, aUPRT, PBN) plus entries Night, ATPL theory, (APS-)MCC-course, well known as “frozen ATPL”.


This license authorizes pilots to act as a fully qualified crewmember (co-pilot or First Officer) , ready for any commercial cockpit. This license enables pilots to apply for any airline or Business Aviation flight operation of your choice.


Maximum duration of an integrated by law: 36 months


Depending on your previous flying experience, we offer different kinds of training courses:


ab initio (without previous flying experience): This training program is designed for students without any previous flying experience to obtain the ATPL. It's a sound preparation for all tasks in the cockpit. 

This ab initio course is the best way to your successful career as an commercial pilot.


for PPL-holders: We offer PPL holders a customized training program to obtain the ATPL. Previous flying experience will be taken into account according to legal regulations.



ATPL ab initio

  • Minimum age: 18 at license issuing date (end of your training course)

  • Medical Class I (Aviation Medical Certification Class 1) 
    List of Aeromedical Centres (pdf)

  • Clearance certificate (up to date) („Strafregisterauszug“) 

  • Valid passport

  • Other personal documents (birth certificate, proof of citizenship, residence registration form, 2 ID pictures)

  • Proof of English language skills, adequate proficiency in the fields of physics and mathematics

ATPL for PPL-Holders

same as ab initio, but:

  • PPL

  • Radiotelephone Operator's General Certificate for Aeronautical Service 

  • Language Proficiency Test

  • Proof of English language skills, adequate proficiency in the fields of physics and mathematics



& Costs

The costs include:

  • administration fee | student support according standard period

  • classroom and online theory training

  • Training material theory:
    Books and handouts, course material, navigation calculator digital/manual, software G1000/SEP/MEP, CBT Computer Based Training / E-learning access, software for exam preparation, navigation tools,

  • Training material for flights:
    maps and charts for VFR, Jeppesen VFR and IFR approach charts, flight logbook, kneeboard

  • Flying lessons (according minimum requirements plus all skill tests) on simulator, aircraft rent incl. fuel costs

  • ALL approach-/landing fees and air traffic control fees

  • Insurance for students, aircraft and simulators  

  • Flight instructor costs: classroom and online theory training, all flight lessons on aircraft and simulators

  • briefing- and debriefing with flight instructor

  • Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate for Aeronautical Service

  • Language Proficiency Test (check of your English language skills)

  • Garmin G1000 glass cockpit course and training flight

  • Night flying including overnight costs

  • PBN - Performance Based Navigation

  • aUPRT – advanced Upset Prevention Recovery Training

  • APS-MCC – Airline Pilot Standard Multi Crew Coordination (task sharing in a commercial cockpit) (Zusammenarbeit im gewerblichen Cockpit)

  • JOT - Jet Orientation Training (aka JOC - Jet Orientation Course)

  • All skill tests with flight examiner for single-engine aircraft PPL | SEP VFR and SEP IFR

  • All skill tests with flight examiner for multi-engine aircraft CPL | MEP VFR and MEP IFR

Not included:

  • Medical examination costs BEFORE course start 

  • All theory exam and license issue fees to be paid to the authority


  • ab initio: on request

  • for PPL-holders: due to large differences in previous flying experience, prices differ. For your individual offer, please send us your license, medical, RTC, last 3 pages of your flightlog, TT-/PIC-times via our contact form. 

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