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Airline Transport Pilot License

Airline Transport Pilot License acc. EASA Part-FCL


Information regarding the starting dates of the course can be found under Events.

The ATPL (A) authorizes pilots to act as pilot-in-command or co-pilot of aircraft as specified in the license.  The ATPL training can take place as a complete integrated training course in one go or as a modular training program. At the end of the integrated ATPL-training program flight students will have achieved the CPL/IR license plus “ATPL theory” and “MCC Training”.

This license enables pilots to apply for an airline job.


Depending on your previous flying experience, we offer different kinds of training courses:


ATPL integrated ab initio (without previous flying experience)

This training program is designed for students without any previous flying experience to obtain the ATPL. It's a sound preparation for all tasks in the cockpit.

This ab initio course is the best way to your successful career as an airline pilot.

ATPL for PPL-holders

We offer PPL holders a customized training program to obtain the ATPL. Previous flying experience will be taken into account according to legal regulations.


ATPL Theory

This course is for CPL-holders who wish the supplement “ATPL Theory” at their license.
It's the perfect preparation for your official examination by the authorities.