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Private Pilot License

Timeline, costs


Information regarding the starting dates of the course can be found under Events.


The PPL(A) training program includes approximately 180 hours of theory, 45 hours of flight training and the Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate for Aeronautical Service (AFZ). The rating for visual night flying can be obtained in addition to the PPL.

Our PPL training program is offered either as a part-time or full-time training solution.


Course structure

TheoryFlight training
Phase 1
  • Basics
  • Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate for Aeronautical Service
  • Basics of visual flight (aircraft)
  • Traffic patterns
    (aircraft / simulator)
Phase 2
  • Classroom training
  • Exercises in flight planning
  • Self-study / e-learning
  • Cross-country visual flights
  • Solo traffic patterns
Phase 3
  • Classroom training
  • Self-study / e-learning
  • Exam preparation
  • Official written exam
  • Cross-country visual flights
  • Solo cross-country visual flights
  • Exam preparation
  • Flight examination


Duration:  approx. 4 months


Due to our cooperation with the USFC Krems we can offer an economic variant (USFC Krems membership required):


Cost: € 13,000,- incl. VAT.


Costs include:

  • Theory training in classroom
  • Flying lessons (simulator, aircraft rent, fuel costs, air traffic control fees)
  • instructor fees for theory and flying lessons
  • all landing fees
  • Insurance for students, aircraft and simulators
  • Training materials for theory instruction (books, scripts, software for exam preparation, navigation materials)
  • Training materials for flight instruction (navigational charts VFR, logbook, kneeboard)
  • Radiotelephone operator's certificate for aeronautical service (AFZ)
  • Skill test with examiner
  • student support


Not included:

  • Theory examination and license issue fees to be paid to the authority
  • Language Proficiency Test